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Our services cover all aspects of tree surgery and hedge maintenance, in Keynsham, Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.
All quotations are free and are normally provided in writing following a site visit. If thereís something specific thatís not on the list below, then please contact me as Iím sure we can be of assistance.

Includes felling trees in awkward or hazardous locations. The majority of trees we fell require dismantling and lowering in pieces, due to their location and/or size.

Crown Reduction
Reducing the height and/or spread of the trees crown whilst maintaining the natural shape of the tree.

Crown Thinning
Removal of growth to produce an evenly-spaced branch structure, and to allow more light to pass through the tree, reduce wind resistance and lessen the weight of heavy branches.

Crown Cleaning
Removal of dead, dying, broken, crowded, weakly attached and low-vigour branches, as well as climbing plants.

Crown Lifting
Removal of the lowest branches to allow more light and improve vehicle or pedestrian access.

Hedge Trimming / Reduction
Maintenance of hedges comprising either coniferous of deciduous tree species. e.g. Leylandii, Laurel, Beech.

Stump Grinding
Removal of tree stumps by a powered hydraulic stump grinding machine.

Advice, sourcing and planting of suitable/desired trees.

Hedge Laying
Maintaining a native hedge by cutting stems partway through near ground level and then laying them horizontal to create a strong thick hedge.

Tree Maintenance
Dealing with storm damaged or hung-up trees, limbs and/or branches.

Installation of Tree Bracing Systems
Strengthening or supporting a tree by means of cables and webbing.
At Pinnacle Tree Services, no job is too big or small. We undertake anything from trimming a small shrub to dismantling large trees, which may include the necessity to employ the use of a MEWP (Cherry Picker) and/or crane.

Larger jobs such as these also often require traffic management (traffic lights to me and you) and power line shutdowns, where power lines are in close proximity to a trees crown.

All of these things we can arrange as part of our quotation and service to you.

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